Digital Wallpaper

Unlike most Painting and decorating companies, MT Decorators can provide you with fantastic oportunity to give your home or work the ultimate WOW factor with a mural wallpaper effect. mural wallpaper is created to meet your individual needs, and fit your wall or room perfectly.

What is it?


Mural wallpaper is also known as wall art or digital wallpaper.

It gives you the oportunity to have pretty much any picture you want onto a wall! Yes any picture!

MT Decorators has teamed up with as they can offer you over 17 million different choices! what ever your request may be im sure you will find it. have a great selection of wallpapers for you to choose from but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, then you can also have your own image or design printed as wallpaper, giving you a fantastic and unique feature for your home or business premises. It really does take your breath away.

Digital wallpaper is a must have in any property weather it be industrial or commercial if you like something new and exciting.

Please take a look at the images provided for you to see for yourself. Then contact MT Decorators to discuss what you need to do to have this unique peice of specialist decorating into you home or work.