Interior Decorating

Interior Decorating

Is the interior decorating of your home in need of professional painter and decorator? Then look no further……

MT Decorators offers you a high standard of work that will leave your home wanting more, we offer you not only a very high class finish, but also a service that will leave you in no doubt that MT Decorators is the professional painter and decorator for you.


Lets start at the top:

Are the bedrooms in your house in need of a makeover? have your kids grown up and out grown the interior design that they used to love? how about your bedroom? seen a nice wallpaper to go on a feature wall along with a change of colour to give it a professional finish?

How about that staircase? your main focal point in the house, is it in need of a professional decorator to give it that wow factor? Do you want a change in the wallpaper you see everyday but dont want to get up to them high ceilings? don’t you like the colour of them spindles but can’t face painting them?

Is your living room looking dated? always wanted a nice coving to go round the room? wouldnt you like to sit and relax and be proud of the familys main room? MT Decorators can give that living room to you.

And what about that kitchen? You dont have to spend alot of you hard earned cash to make it into your dream kitchen these days, not only do MT Decorators offer you services such as interior painting, wallpapering, coving, we can also give you great advice on freshing up them dated kitchens by saving money and re-painting your kitchen doors. This is fast becoming a very popular choice at the moment, with old kitchen doors being painted to make your kitchen look like new saving the customer there hard earned money to spend on something else.

With a million and 1 colours and wallpapers out there to choose from MT Decorators provides you with the professional advice to help you make the interior of your home something youve always dreamed of.